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“it Would Be Nice To Be In A Stable Relationship” – Nigeria’s Singer Waje Speaks (photos)


“it Would Be Nice To Be In A Stable Relationship” – Waje

Nigeria’s singer , Waje has released several hit tracks took to revealing some details about herself. She hinted that despite her success musically, she still wishes for one more success.

According to her, she would like to be in a successful relationship. But not only that, she would like to be in a stable one that is free from heartbreaks and fluctuations.

The 38-year-old lady stated that she is facing a new type of growth in which she seriously feels the urge to have a lasting relationship with someone she loves.

She revealed during an interview with Tush Magazine. While her personal success was very important to her, it would seem the artist wants something more.

Even more, for the magazine, Waje whose real name is Aituaje Iruobe posed for a photo shoot in beautiful outfits. She looked stunning and chiselled in the attires that she wore.

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“Waje sits in front of the mirror, in a blue chequered shirt, as a stylist tries to roll her hair into a bun. It’s been 5 years since she released ‘I wish’, the 2013 hit single that led the drive for “W.A.J.E”, her debut album which cemented her place in mainstream consciousness.

“The album and everything that came with it, was a huge personal success that it became one of the best projects released by women in Nigeria.

“Now Aituaje Iruobe, 38, is facing a different type of growth, a new chapter that has her split between hope and introspection.”

Recently, Waje revealed that she did not mind doing plastic surgery in the least. According to her, she is totally open to the idea.


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